History of WDS

The Washington Daffodil Society was the precursor organization to the American Daffodil Society

In the photo: Cary Quinn, Marie Bozievich and Roberta Watrous

Prior to 1953, the WDS organized activity in the growing and showing of daffodils, which was confined to the Maryland Daffodil Society, the Garden Club of Virginia, and the Washington Daffodil Society.

An article written by Paul Frese, editor of Popular Gardening, entitled “Who will Join a Daffodil Society?” which was published in the October, 1953 edition, lead the interest in forming a national organization. More than 400 responses were received and turned over to the existing daffodil groups to proceed with the details of creating a national society.  A call went out to those who had expressed their interest to attend an organizational meeting to be held at Chevy Chase, Maryland, on April 9, 1954.

On that occasion, the American Daffodil Society was voted into existence and temporary officers elected. The Society’s organization was completed on January 22, 1955, when the Board of Directors elected Carey E. Quinn, President; Willis H. Wheeler, Secretary; and Mrs. William A. (Serena) Bridges, Treasurer. The American Daffodil Society was incorporated on February 20, 1958.