WDS Annual Meeting, Bulb Exchange & Bulb Order Pickup

Saturday October 29th 2016  Board Meeting 9:30am/General Meeting 11am

Trinity United Methodist Church 1205 Dolley Madison Blvd McLean VA 22101


We are fortunate to have a lot of very desirable bulbs available at the WDS Fall Meeting on Saturday October 29th–for our live auction, for  the Chinese auction, and for sale.  Of course, we’ll have the traditional bulb exchange, too.

For the live auction we’ll have about a dozen bulbs, some of which are still in the registration process and will not be available commercially for some time, and then only at prices up to $100. Of the live auction bulbs, four are from John Reed of Oakwood Daffodils. Light My Fire 2 Y-R is intensely colored, Oakwood’s best 2 Y-R to date; Excimeter 1 YYW-P is one of only two registered intermediates in this class and is another of Dr. Reed’s best. There is another Reed intermediate, a 3 W-WWP, that will be named Perfect Circle referring to its intensely-colored rim. Then there are two bulbs of a 1 Y-Y seedling to be named Hallmark, from the Celtic Gold x Dream Prince cross that has produced several gold winners like Millenium Perfection.

Among the bulbs from Ringhaddy Daffodils we also have some seedlings in the process of being registered. There is an intermediate (it’s a great year for intermediate-lovers!) 11a Y-YYO to be named Wee Cracker that has already won a couple of blue ribbons. Another split-corona intermediate is #W818, an early 11a Y-O. Seedling #W785 is a large 3 W-Y to be named Congratulations. Topping off this group from across the Atlantic is Camilla Clara Kate, a new 3 W-GYR of Brian Duncan–see the impressive picture in Daffseek.

Adding to the excitement, there will be two bulbs from downunder donated by Mitch and Kate Carney. The downunder folks have been producing some of the best exhibition flowers in the world in recent years, and this will be a good opportunity to get some of the best that the Carneys have conveniently turned around to grow in the northern hemisphere.

The Chinese auction has a mix of the new and unusual, too. Dr. Reed’s seedling 2003-46-1 blooms as a 2 W-WY or 2 W-WWY. It’s tall and vigorous, with excellent show potential inherited from Dunley Hall, Three Oaks and Irish Affair. Another Reed seedling, 98-32-2009-2 is an intermediate 2 W-O with a trumpet-like corona of deep orange. Then we have Reed 2003-32-5, a vigorous Div 1 or 2 Y-P with unusually intense color and excellent form.

From Ron Scamp we have Plymouth Hoe, a 1 Y-R of excellent color and form from Hero parentage. Also Burntwood, a beautifully formed intermediate 4 Y-R with Tahiti parentage which was introduced a few years ago for $40. Another intriguing new flower is Folkestone Girl, an intermediate 11a Y-R with a right red corona bred by Mrs Pesterfield and introduced a few years ago for $50. Ron Scamp also sent us brand-new Cottrell, a most unusual 1 Y-Y bred from a 1 Y-Y and n. cyclamineus. For lucky fans of historic daffodils, there is Amabilis, a 3 W-W from olden times which I have never seen offered before.

Finally, Karen has gathered up several excellent intermediate varieties which will be auctioned in two groups of 5 or 6.

We were fortunate to receive quite a few extra bulbs this year from Dr. Reed at Oakwood and Choice Daffodils in the U.K., among them some really good ones like Phoenician, that excellent Havens white. These will be on sale, along with a few extra bulbs of varieties that were on the Bulb Order. If you are looking for miniatures, there will be some goodies, too. Like Spoirot, Little Rusky and others.

Given the late arrival of some bulbs this year it’s been pretty hectic, but if you ordered from the Bulb Order and selected the pick-up option, your bulbs will be available at the meeting. We are also planning to dispatch mail-orders this week. We were notified late in the game of a couple of major crop failures–Resplendent and, surprisingly, Whang-Hi. We were able to arrange a good substitute for Resplendent, which is Celestial Fire, a fine 2 Y-O of John Pearson. Whang-Hi is pretty unique, so we’ll just have to try again next year for that little beauty. See you at the meeting!